Screensavers for PC

Version 2.01


You can have up to 999 balls, of different sizes and colors, bouncing around at the same time. There are lots of settings you can change.

There are two different modes in the screensaver which you can choose between: "Normal" and "Gravity".

You can also make the balls collide with one another.

You can make the balls leave trails behind them, quite a nice feature which creates interesting patterns. The balls can also bounce around over your desktop.

There is even a possibility to have our solar systems nine planets bouncing around. Not very realistic but fun.

⚽ Let the bouncing commence...
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Version 2.02


A neutron is a heavy elementary particle that lacks electrical charge and is a part of an atomic nucleus.

Sounds really interesting... right?

Well, this is what you can do with them:

You can select how many neutrons you want and how they fly around on your screen, you can also set the speed and length of them (screenshot 1). Choose your favorite colors or let the system select them for you.

You can set the screensaver to an interactive mode and then change all the settings and colors while the screensaver is running.

In interactive mode: Move the mouse to attract the neutrons.

Added a Black & White color mode.

👓 Don't stare to long at the neutrons, you can go blind!
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Version 1.01


What is static?

Static is when you're sleeping in front of the TV and there are no more shows on.

In sweden we call it "Myrornas Krig" (The Ant Wars).

Are the black ants or the white ants gonna win!?

? There is nothing wrong with your screen... it's only static!
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